Corrosion Protection Offshore
Corrosion protection for water and wastewater systems
Corrosion protection for industrial plants
Corrosion protection and sandblasting for shipping
Elbko Marine Service GmbH - corrosion protection,industrial coatings.surface protection

Our focus lies in the areas of protection against corrosion and sand blasting.

Protection against corrosion for industrial and chemical plants, bridges, conduits, pipelines, tank installations and containers

Through innovative coating systems your objects are kept in good order and condition both economically and ecologically. Industrial and chemical plants, bridges, conduit and pipelines, tank installations and containers can be protected from corrosion for the long term through special corrosion paintwork.

Our coating systems are adapted to the corresponding steel to be protected taking into account the duration of protection and the corrosivity category.

Our specially trained staff of engineers, inspectors and specialists design customised solutions in order to carry out the work cost-efficiently, effectively and sustainably.

Sand blasting for surfaces

Optimal preparation of the surface through the application of the "right" blasting procedure has a direct effect on the life of the coating protection. All blasting procedures are carried out according to the current EN ISO standards.

Through modules expressly developed with sub-suppliers for blasting and coating technology, we achieve a high productive capacity as well as extremely high quality and precision in the application.

Our robust equipment is designed for hard, professional continuous use on construction sites. All the while, the device size and fittings – depending on peculiarities and the scope of the project as well as being precisely tailored to the respective project – are crucial.


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